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Aion double XP weekends start soon

Temporary solution to harsh grind.

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To ease the grind, winged MMO Aion is hosting numerous double-experience weekends during the Christmas period.

Each weekend for the next three weeks, levels one to 35 will earn twice as much experience for fighting, gathering and crafting. NCsoft is even lowering the price of Soul Healing and boosting the experience bonus granted the Energy of Repose, whatever that is.

Bonus experience weekends will be held once or twice a month in the new year, too, and benefit characters of all levels.

These ideas are not so much Christmas treats as they are interim solutions to general smoothing of character progression in Aion.

"We've heard your feedback that the experience curve can be steep in certain levels of Aion, and over the last couple of weeks we've been evaluating how we want to address this issue to provide for smoother character progression," wrote NCsoft on the US Aion website.

"While we're committed to providing a permanent solution, our long-term plans require development time. As part of that process, we are implementing a temporary enhancement so that you can feel immediate benefits that we're excited to be rolling out this weekend.

"While the above is an interim solution, we will be addressing the character progression experience curve with a sizeable patch next year," the developer added.

Aion was finally launched in the West this autumn and promptly captured strong support for alluring production values and, let's face it, the wings. No idea what we're talking about? You'd better read our Aion review.

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