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Aion 2.5 full patch notes, release date

Mentors! New graphics! Conditioning!

The huge Empyrean Calling update for winged MMO Aion will be rolled out across European and North American servers on 25th May.

The patch, known in brief as 2.5, will be added to the player test server on 12th May.

Testers can download the 2.5 client starting today using the game's launcher. Alternatively, a full FTP download is available. There's a FAQ on all of this on the Aion website.

The Empyrean Calling update adds a high quality graphics option, new character faces and bodies and revamps the HUD and user interface. Patch 2.5 also brings two new instances, an item enhancement system called Conditioning and a mentor ability for high level characters to teach inexperienced players and quests to reward this.

That's a snapshot; the full and very lengthy list of Empyrean Calling 2.5 patch notes can be found below, courtesy of the Aion website.

The full patch notes follow under the video.

Aion 2.5 Update video highlighting the biggest changes.


Added two new instances.

Empyrean Crucible

The Kaisinel Academy and the Marchutan Academy are lifelong educational institutions where the Empyrean Lords instill in their followers the virtues and battle skills appropriate to a Daeva. Until now, only enrolled Daevas were required to endure the Empyrean Crucible, but after the mixed results of the initial assault on Balaurea, the Empyrean Lords knew they had to step up their game, and opened the doors of the Crucible to regular Daevas.

The Crucible, which can be entered by both Elyos and Asmodians, is a PvE battlefield designed to develop a Daeva's skills, with the incentive of many brand new reward items in the Cloister of Kaisinel and the Convent of Marchutan.

  • The Empyrean Crucible is a new type of instance in which you defeat wave after wave of monsters in a circular arena, the Illusion Stadium.
  • There are a total of 10 stages, of 5 rounds each. More powerful opponents appear in each stage.
  • There are no quest requirements for the Empyrean Crucible; any character of level 50 or above can enter, if they are in a group.
  • In Sanctum and Pandaemonium, teleport via statue to the Kaisinel Academy or the Marchutan Academy, and you can access the Empyrean Crucible from there. From Inggison and Gelkmaros, you can use the Crucible Teleporter NPC.
  • Outside the stadium, but still within the Crucible instance, there is a Ready Room where Daevas resurrect after death.
  • Daevas who enter before training begins will go directly to the stadium, but latecomers will appear in the Ready Room.
  • Each stage is completed when all monsters are defeated. Proceed to the next stage by talking to the training recordkeeper in the center of stadium.
  • A Daeva in the Ready Room can get into the stadium by using a "Worthiness Ticket" which you can obtain during the training.
  • The 'Worthiness Ticket' can be traded, but it disappears if you exit the instance, log out to character selection, or quit the game.
  • All group members obtain the same number of points for defeating monsters regardless of how much damage they did.
  • The training will end if all characters in the stadium die or you complete all the stages of the training. You will be rewarded with "Crucible Insignia" depending on your score.
  • Characters in the Ready Room can stop the training and exit through the Stop Training button located in the upper right of the screen.
  • Some skills and items cannot be used in the Empyrean Crucible.
  • The re-entry cooldown for the Empyrean Crucible is 22 hours.


Esoterrace produces 50% of the Drana in Tiamat's territory, and plays a vital role in providing stable resources to Tiamat's army. Surama, a Drakan from a high ranking family, recently took over as Warden, and increased production dramatically by switching over from general plants and trees to using Elim as a Drana source. Furthermore, it seems that Surama is power-hungry, and is using his position to perform bio experiments using dragel. We must stop the flow of drana to Tiamat's Army and end Surama's plotting.

  • Various secrets are hidden in Esoterrace. Because of its close connection to the Reian Tribe, tribe members may provide very important information about the dungeon, so pay close attention to the Reians' conversation.
  • There are no quest requirements for Esoterrace; any character of level 50 or above can enter, if they are in a group.
  • In order to access Esoterrace, each race must control a fortress in its home region of Balaurea. Upon conquering, a Dimensional Rift will appear beside the special ordnance quartermaster for the Elyos and the fortress quartermaster for the Asmodians.
  • There are four entrances, but (as with Dark Poeta) they all lead to the same instance.
  • The re-entry cooldown for Esoterrace is 22 hours.

2. Reduced the difficulty level of the 'Draupnir Cave' instance, and adjusted the conditions causing the final boss monster, Commander Bakarma, to appear.

  • Commander Bakarma will now appear only after players have defeated all the sub bosses: Instructor Afrane, Beautiful Lakshmi, Kind Saraswati, and Commander Nimbarka.
  • Decreased the number of monsters inside Draupnir Cave.
  • Decreased the stats of monsters inside Draupnir Cave.
  • Changed some of Commander Bakarma's battle tactics.

3. Removed the upper cap on the Nochsana Training Camp instance, so that all players from level 25 up will be able to enter it.

4. In the Kromede's Trial instance, Butler Jeeves will no longer drop the Secret Safe Key. Access to the Kaliga Treasury through the secret vault door will be by simply defeating Butler Jeeves.

5. Fixed a bug where players were unable to obtain items from The Plaguebearer in the Beshmundir Temple by changing some of its patterns.

6. Changed the length of time a Taloc Fruit can be used while in Taloc from 0 sec to 1 sec.


Added a new item enhancement system called Conditioning.

  • This new enhancement can only be performed on certain items.
  • The item will be imbued with an effect that gives various bonuses when activated.
  • There are 2 possible levels of conditioning, and some items will only be conditionable up to level 1.
  • New items will be added that will be conditionable up to step 2.
  • The conditioning effect is consumed during depending battle (attack, defense, and skill use).
  • General attack and defense will consume a small amount.
  • With skill use, more powerful skills will consume more of the conditioning.
  • When a weapon that has been conditioned is used in Armsfusion, the resultant weapon will also be conditioned.
  • The price of recharging the conditioning will increase with higher Conditioning levels, Item rarity, and when the weapon is armsfused
  • The two ways of conditioning are by talking to an NPC and by using a conditioning item.
  • New NPCs have been placed in the capital cities, at the Reshanta Obelisk for each race, at the Balaurea Obelisks, and in the Empyrean Crucible.
  • Conditioning items are sold by general goods merchant NPCs.

2. Added new advanced designs that allow players to craft the greater crafting output even when the crafting fails to proc.

The new design uses 3 superior grade items, fluxes, and shop ingredients to craft a heroic grade item, just the same way as crafting a superior grade item uses 3 regular grade items. Added new superior equivalents to Balic Designs just like the regular crafting items.

General crafting

  • Added 306 new advanced designs each for Elyos and Asmodians.
  • There will now be a 100% success rate when crafting heroic grade [noble] items.
  • The new designs are sold by the merchants for each crafting skill.

Balic Designs

  • Added 172 new advanced designs each for Elyos and Asmodians.
  • There will now be a 100% success rate when crafting heroic grade [noble] items
  • The new designs are sold by the Tigraki Workshop NPCs: Shoshinerk in Sanctum, and Chopirunerk in Pandaemonium.

3. Added new designs for advanced tailoring components.

General Design

  • Added 28 new advanced designs each for Elyos and Asmodians.
  • When crafting these new designs, there is a chance to produce a higher quality result, just like with general advanced designs.
  • These new designs are sold by the merchants for each crafting skill.

Balic Design

  • Added 16 new advanced designs each for Elyos and Asmodians.
  • When crafting these new designs, there is a chance to produce a higher quality result, just like with general advanced designs.
  • The new designs are sold by Tigraki Workshop NPCs: Shoshinerk in Sanctum, and Chopirunerk in Pandaemonium.

4. When gathering items like wood and fiber, there is now a chance that you will gather a bundle of items instead of a single one. These bundles can be dismantled for more materials.

5. Added new level 55 heroic grade Abyss items.

Elyos can purchase them at the Cloister of Kaisinel and Inggison Illusion Fortress from the weapons, armor, and accessory distributors. Asmodians can purchase them at the Convent of Marchutan and Gelkmaros Fortress from the weapons, armor, and accessory distributors.

6. The different item attributes associated with item enchantment have been broken down into separate categories. Item tooltips will now state specifically when items cannot be socketed with manastones, extracted for enchantment stones, enchanted with enchantment stones

7. The exclusive boutiques in each large city are stocking new designer outfits, which can be purchased from the following NPCs.

  • [Elyos] Rebbana and Margela in the Galleria of Grandeur sell Cinna's Leather Chic and Portia's Formalwear.
  • [Asmodians] Enira and Spyridon in the Vanahal Boutique sell Gabrez's Cocktail Scales and Rillard's Celebrity Line.

8. There are also new tradable garments, which you can purchase as gifts for other Daevas.

9. The tradable garments can be purchased from the Shugo merchants Pradaaknerk and Armanerk, in Silentera Canyon.

10. Fixed a bug causing Tahabata's Warhammer to give a higher buff to Magic Boost than intended.

11. Fixed a bug where some items had the wrong appearance in the item preview window.

12. Fixed the prices for the designs for Vidar's Noble Spellbook and Fasimedes' Noble Spellbook

13. Fixed the icons for Asmodian exclusive Turquoise/Corundum/Elatrite jewels.

14. The problem where Crit Spell 30 was entered into the Basic Stat for Telemachus/Aegir has been fixed.

15. Fixed typos on some item tooltips.

16. Fixed an issue causing some items to appearing incorrectly when equipped.

17. Fixed the locations of some gatherable items when they were inaccessible to players.

18. Fixed a bug where additional manastone slots would not show when a two-handed weapon with additional manastone slots is used as a secondary weapon in an armsfusion.

19. Fixed a bug where the magic resistance on Archon/Guardian Brigade General's Helms did not show correctly on the NPC sales list.

20. Fixed a bug where the evasion on Noble Horned/Sky Dragon Emperor's Malevite Glasses was lower than that of the Horned/Sky Dragon Emperor's Malevite Glasses.

21. Changed the combat effects displayed when Sky or Horned Dragon weapons are equipped.

22. Added a note to the tooltip for the [Event] [A] Personal Reusable Kisk and the [Event] [E] Personal Reusable Kisk that were handed out for the 1-year veteran rewards to notify users that the kisks share cooldowns with other kisks.

23. Changed "Pomponia Scale Shield" (reward item for [Elyos] quest "Will the Aether Rain?") to "Pomponia's Scale Shield", because it is given by Pomponia. (It now matches "Pomponia's Shield", the other reward option for this quest.)

24. Fixed a bug where the greater output for Expert Orichalcum Shoulderplates and Expert Durable Orichalcum Shoulderplates called the higher versions 'Shining' instead of 'Noble'.

25. Changed the name of the crafting material dropped by Andre from "Behemoth Skin" to "Andre Skin" to make it clear which mob dropped it.

26. Some Balic crafting recipes for cooking were titled "Balic Recipe". Changed these to match the majority, which is "Balic Cook".

27. Renamed "Balaur Scale Piece" items to "Balaur Scale Fragments" to match the naming scheme of other similar items.

28. Renamed "Leather Board" items to "Leather Pads" to match the naming scheme of other similar items.

29. Renamed the greater output for the cooking recipe "Roast Rynoce with Salt" to "Tasty Roast Rynoce with Salt". It used to state, incorrectly, that it was made from Monitor rather than Rynoce.

30. Renamed all "Highest Fine" items (Squaros and Pellans) to "Superb", to be consistent with the existing grades for other items.

31. Renamed some armor items to match others in the series:

32. Renamed a number of crafting items that were incorrectly labeled "Craftman's" and should have been "Worthy" to match other worthy-quality items.

33. Renamed the following Asmodian-only items, which had somehow got crosswired with the Elyos equivalents. (Note that the Elyos versions stayed "Guardian Centurion's".)

  • "Guardian Centurion's Lazuli Earrings" became "Archon Centurion's Lazuli Earrings"
  • "Guardian Centurion's Garnet Earrings" became "Archon Centurion's Garnet Earrings"

34. Changed a series of "Golem of Elim" items to "Elim Soul". These are junk items that count as souls for the purposes of feeding to pets.


Added new pets, which can be obtained in the following ways.

  • One from a pet-related quest.
  • Seven from daily quests.
  • Four from the new Empyrean Crucible instance.
  • One from the new Esoterrace instance.

2. Added a new Pet Mood system to allow more interaction with pets.

  • Check your pet's mood with a simple mouseover.
  • Keep your pet's mood high by interacting with it.
  • Playing with the pet while it's summoned will improve its mood a little.
  • The pet's mood will be reset after dismissing the pet, switching pets or logging out of the game.
  • The new [Pet Status] system allows you to use commands that improve a pet's mood even more.
  • The Pet Status bar is displayed under your character when a pet is selected. Select the [Pet Status] command, and it will change to display a list of the Pet Emotes you have acquired.
  • Interact with the pet using these different pet emotes.
  • Different emotes will give your pet different degrees of happiness.
  • The [Pet Status] command can only be used once every 10 minutes.
  • If you have not acquired any pet emotes, you cannot use [Pet Status].
  • Pet emotes can be acquired as quest rewards, or purchased from the pet merchant.
  • The following is a list of quests that give pet emotes as rewards:
  • All these emotes can also be purchased with kinah from the pet merchant NPC.
  • The "Play with Pet" emote can only be purchased from the pet merchant NPC.
  • There is now a pet camera function that automatically moves the camera to focus on a pet when it has been selected using [Pet Status].
  • The default setting for the pet camera function is ON, but it can be switched OFF through Options - Game Options.
  • When a pet's mood reaches 100%, the [Pet Present] button becomes active. Click this button to receive the pet's gift.
  • The gifts consist of coin items appropriate to the character's level.
  • The [Pet Present] button can only be used once every 1 hour.

3. Some new pets will consume food, drinks, and scrolls, and apply their beneficial effects to the player

  • In the pet info window, click 'Buff Bag'. You can drag stacks of items to the empty slots in the bag .
  • Once consumables have been put in the slots, the "Buff Master" button becomes active.
  • Click the 'Buff Master' button, and when the effects of the current consumable item wear off, another will be consumed automatically.
  • The pet will glow when 'Buff Master' is active.
  • The 'Buff Master' can be dragged to the character shortcut window for ease of use.
  • When a pet uses another item, a "Buff the Master!" system message will appear in a speech bubble.

4. Pets can now loot monsters automatically on your behalf

  • Select 'Pet Loot' in the Pet Info window, and click 'Loot Item' to tell your pet to auto-loot.
  • While this option is active, the pet will glow.
  • The 'Loot Item' icon can be dragged to the quickbar for ease of use.
  • When a pet loots an item, "Looted!" will display both as a speech balloon and as a system message.
  • These are the rules the pet will follow when looting:
  • Items can only be looted from nearby monster corpses (within 28m from the character whose pet is doing the looting)..
  • Untradeable items, items for which a dice roll is required, and items that require other checks will not be looted.
  • When in a group/alliance, a pet can only loot items that belong entirely to its owner, but not items that other players can obtain.
  • Pets cannot loot on their owners' behalf when the owner is in a group/alliance using the Free-For-All loot rule.

5. Pets will no longer be dismissed when their owners use Return, Teleport, and Flight.

6. Players can now choose whether to see other players' pets.

The "Hide" feature is off by default, and can be toggled on/off in Options - Game Options- 'Hide Other Players' Pets'.

7. Players can no longer summon pets in certain places, including on a moving object.


1. Added a new feature that allows high level characters to function as a mentor for fellow group members who are at least 10 levels lower than they are.

Becoming a Mentor

  • If your group contains members who are at least 10 levels lower than you, you can right-click on their target info to access the Start Mentoring' option. Alternatively, right-click your own mini-picture to get a 'Start Mentoring' option that will mentor all eligible group members simultaneously.
  • If all group members who are 10 levels (or more) lower than a mentor leave the group (by intentionally leaving, being banned, or by leveling up), mentor status is automatically cancelled.
  • For a group member with mentor status, the currently configured character title (selected in Profile settings) is replaced by the title 'Mentor.' However, the effects of the character's selected title are still applied.
  • A wing icon appears next to the character name (on the group information screen) of any group member who is a mentor.

Mentor Reward

  • While you are a mentor, you cannot accrue Exp or acquire items dropped by monsters.However, you can acquire others assets, such as Abyss Point, Quest Items, and DP, just like usual. (Normal rules are applied.)
  • Exp is distributed to all group members, except mentors. Exp gained by all other group members is lowered based on the level difference between the mentor and rest of the group
  • There are daily/weekly quest rewards that can only be obtained while you are a mentor. You can receive the Orichalcum Token [Elyos] or the Circle Token [Asmodian]. You can exchange weapons, armor, and other items through the group NPC.
  • Upon completion of a mentor quest, wing icons appear next to the mentor character's name, and the daily quest reset time (everyday at 9 AM) is reset.

Mentor Group Recruitment

  • You can recruit or apply for a Mentor Group in the Find Group window Shift + V, or by using the chat commands '/Recurit Mentor [message]' and '/Apply as Mentor [message]'.
  • If you select the 'Mentor' checkbox at the top of Find Group window, your search will include mentor groups.

Enter Instanced Dungeon

  • When entering an instanced dungeon, you can enter if level conditions for group members, excluding mentors, are met. (When entering, check needed items. The entry quest checks mentor characters.)In cases of instanced dungeons, such as Dredgion, Chantra Dredgion, Dark Poeta, where you accrue points toward a final score, mentor groups cannot enter.

2. Characters who are benefitting from Energy of Repose or Energy of Salvation will also get more dropped items.

3. Corpses that contain no loot will now disappear quickly.

4. Slightly increased the upper limit for the Magic Boost stat.

5. There is now a maximum value for how much a character's Casting Speed can be reduced with debuffs.

Known issue: the Spiritmaster's Summoning Alacrity skill should be an exception, but the limit is still being applied. A bug fix is in progress.

6. The killer penalty (Ariel's Curse/Azphel's Curse) will no longer apply in home territory.

7. Some character animations have been changed or added.

Changed the animations for trading, falling, aerial snare, and crashing (when there is no flight gauge).

New character animations have been added for the following situations.

  • A diving motion for when you are crashing (when there is a flight gauge).
  • A running animation for when movement speed is above a certain value.
  • A flight loop for forward motion during flight.
  • [Elyos] Some of the emote animations have been changed.
  • Elyos male: taunt, beg, cheer, surprise
  • Elyos female: taunt, laugh, cheer, anger

8. Changed the effect that indicates the Daeva has full DP.


1. Added new class skills.

If you're Elyos, you can purchase these skills in the Protectors Hall or the Cloister of Kaisinel in Sanctum. If you're Asmodian, you can purchase them in the Capitol Building or the Convent of Marchutan in Pandaemonium.

2. Decreased the cooldown time of the Gladiator skill 'Second Wind I' from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

3. The cooldown times for the gladiator skills "Second Wind I" and "Improved Stamina I" are now shared.

4. Damage for the Gladiator skills 'Vengeful Strike I ~ V' have been enhanced.

5. HP absorption of the Gladiator skill 'Righteous Punishment I' has been increased from 20% to 50%.

6. Fixed a bug that was causing the Templar's 'Block' skill to be applied to the Guardian General.

7. Reduced the casting time of the Templar skill 'Shieldburst I' from 1.5 to 1 second. The range of the skill has also been increased, from 2M to 5M. Additionally, the knock back effect has been added to the skill effects.

8. Increased the range of the Templar skill 'Bodyguard I' from 10M to 25M.

9. Increased the amount of Max HP increase for the Templar 'Prayer of Victory I ~ IV' skills.

10. Fixed a duplicate system message when using the Ranger skill 'Seizure Arrow I.' The correct MP restoration system message is now displayed, rather than the incorrect HP healing message.

11. Increased the magical accuracy of the following Ranger 'Trap' skills: Snare Trap I ~ IV, Poisoning Trap I ~ IV, Explosion Trap I ~ III, Spike Bite Trap I ~ II, Blazing Trap I, Sleep Trap I, Destruction Trap I ~ III, and Trap of Slowing I ~ IV.

12. The activation chance for the 'Spiral Arrow I ~ III' skills has been increased to 100%; however, the accuracy has been reduced.

13. Fixed a bug in the Asmodian Assassin's 'Shadow Rage I' skill, where magic resistance was increasing abnormally.

14. The Assassin skills 'Apply Poison I ~ IV' and 'Apply Deadly Poison I' now stack.

15. Fixed a bug in the Assassin skill 'Wind Walk I,' which was causing stealth to sometimes fail.

16. Assassins may now use boost skills while in stealth.

17. The Sorcerer skills 'Winter Binding I ~ IV' can now be used while moving.

18. The shield amount of the Sorcerer skills 'Stone Skin I ~ IV' have been increased.

19. Fixed a problem where the Spiritmaster skill 'Withering Gloom' failed to return MP to the normal levels.

20. Magical damage and MP consumption have been increased for the Spiritmaster skills 'Weaken Spirit I ~ IV.'

21. The Spiritmaster 'Spirit Hypnosis I' skill now has slow debuff effect. Sleeping targets who are near to the debuff are now changed into the appropriate spirits.

22. The Spiritmaster skills 'Stone Skin I ~ IV' now have increased shield amounts.

23. The cooldown times for the Spiritmaster's 'Spirit Absorption I ~ II' skills have been reduced from 3 minutes to 2 minutes. HP consumption of the spirit has been reduced from 20% to 10%.

24. Cleric's 'Smite I ~ V' skills now have a higher chance to hit.

25. The skill casting time for the Cleric's 'Splendor of Purification I' skill has been reduced from 2 seconds to 1.

26. The DP consumption of the Cleric's 'Acquittal I' skill has been reduced from 3000 to 2000.

27. The status ailment effects of the Chanter's 'Soul Crush I ~ II' skills have been changed from Stagger to StumbleThe Chanter's skills 'Protective Ward I ~ VI' have been changed to remove the 50% healing reduction effect.

28. The casting time of the Chanter's 'Binding Word I' skill has been changed from 1 second to instantaneous.

29. The casting time of the Chanter's 'Magic Recovery I ~ IV' skills have been reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second.

30. If you are stunned while casting a skill, the problem where "Remove Shock I" is not being activated has been corrected.

31. When the target is changed for an activated chain skill, the problem of the skill not progressing has been corrected.

32. The maximum weakening effect value that can be applied to a target has been expanded.

33. Block is now used up before Parry.

34. Fixed an issue where animations were not loading when a Spiritmaster's 'Vacuum Choke I – III' were used while flying.

35. Updated the tooltip for the ranger skill "Blazing Trap" to specify that it will hit one enemy that wanders into its radius, not all enemies.

36. Fixed the tooltip for the Templar stigma skill "Magic Smash". It incorrectly said that the first skill in the chain was called Resolute Strike, but in fact the chain is triggered by using Robust Blow.

37. Added a note to the tooltip for the Templar skill "Divine Chastisement" stating that players need to use a shield for this skill to work as described (blocking attacks).

38. Added a note to the tooltip for the Spiritmaster skill "Spirit Wall of Protection" indicating that the buff applies to up to six allies within range. (If the player is in an alliance, they may have more than 6 allies, but it will only apply to six of them.)

39. Changed the tooltip for the Assassin skill "Quickening Doom" indicating that the poison effect may stun the target, instead of implying that this stun occurred 100% of the time.

40. Fixed the name and tooltip for the skillbook for the Cleric skill "Word of Destruction II". Skillbook was incorrectly named "Voice of Destruction II".

41. Changed the name of the newer level 51 Cleric Skill "Devotion I" to "Amplification I" to distinguish it from the existing level 9 Scout skill "Devotion I".


1. New coin quests have been added.

  • [Elyos] Eltnen, Heiron Region
  • [Asmodian] Morheim, Beluslan Region

2. Added new factions that reward higher level players for helping lower level players.

Upon reaching level 10, you will automatically become a member of the lower level group. You may resign or rejoin manually through an NPC. Upon reaching level 40, you will automatically resign. You can manually join or leave the lvl 40 ~ 55 group.

3. Added daily and weekly quests for these mentor groups.

Mentor quests can only be done in a mentor group. The quest description will have specific information about the appropriate level range. The lv40-55 groups give [Elyos] Orichalcum Token and [Asmodian] Circle Token as rewards. They may be exchanged for weapons, armor, or other items with the group NPC.

4. Added new bundle manastone exchange quests where you can exchange many manastones at a time.

5. Added relic exchange quests and NPCs

Added moving quests that mentor Daevas to these NPCs. Added bundle relic exchange NPCs in Inggison and Gelkmaros where players can turn in several relics at once.

6. Added new quests for each of the new instances, Empyrean Crucible and Esoterrace.

7. Removed the pre-requisites for the existing coin quests [Elyos] Kromede in the Temple and [Asmodian] Courting Disaster Quest.

8. Removed the quest requirements for undertaking the [Elyos] Miragent Holy Templar and [Asmodian] Fenris's Fang quests.The quests can now be acquired by any level 50 character.

9. Added new [Elyos] Just Between Me and Fasimedes and [Asmodian] Secrets and Lies quests. They can be acquired after completing the [Elyos] An Important Choice and [Asmodian] To Face the Future campaign quests.

10. Changed some coin quest NPCs.

11. Added new daily quests to defeat members of the opposite race in Silentera Canyon.

[Elyos][Daily] Banishing the Shadowborn, [Asmodian] [Daily] Snuff the Sunsuckers

12. Added new quest markers for important (non-campaign) quests, as indicated below:

There are two main categories of important quest, one of which only causes the quest marker to show when the player is within the level range, while the other is shown to all players who meet the requirements.

13. Players can now have 40 quests in progress, rather than 30.

14. The appropriate quest level range will now display when quests are offered.

15. Corrected typos in some quests.

16. The names of quests on the Quest List are now colored properly according to the character's level.

17. Changed the level limits of certain mentor quests to meet the entry requirements for instance dungeons.

  • [Elyos] Changed the level limits of the mentor quest in Eracus Temple Cavern from Lv. 25 – 35 to Lv. 28 – 38.
  • [Asmodian] Changed the level limits of the mentor quest in the Sky Temple of Arkanis from Lv. 25 – 35 to Lv. 27 – 37.

18. Changed the disposition of monsters hunted in certain mentor daily quests from aggressive to passive.

[Elyos] Lepharist Agent, Asmodian Agent [Asmodian] Parasite Slime, Lepharist Agent

19. The map display button is now inactive when no information is available about the quest area for certain quests.

20. Fixed the text in [Elyos] quest "Orichalcum to Enchant Weapon" so that it now correctly asks you to gather Greater Orichalcum Ore, rather than Pure.

21. Changed the Asmodian quest "[Spy] Looking for Strange Aether" to "[Group] Looking for Strange Aether", since it was a group quest, not a spy quest.

22. Fixed the text in the Asmodian quest "[Expert] Weaponsmith's Final Exam" so that it asks for Vidar's Noble Greatsword instead of Vidar's Greatsword.

23. Added info to the Elyos quests that involve winning Veille's Favor, making it clear that you must defeat Mastarius to complete the quest. The affected quests are: "Winning Veille's Favor", "Favors for Veille", "Veille's Favor-ite", "Favor Feud", "Favors of Fancy", "Veilled Weapon", "Shield Veille".

24. Changed the text in the Elyos quest "Mabangtah's Second Test" to say "Klaw Nest". It used to say "Klaw Spawning Ground", which is not the correct name for that location.

25. Renamed a few Asmodian daily quests for the Field Wardens, which mistakenly had numbers in their titles, but were not part of a series.

  • "[Daily] Gathering Aether 3" became "[Daily] Gathering Aether"
  • "[Daily] Gathering Foodstuff 3" became "[Daily] Gathering Foodstuff"
  • "[Daily] Gathering Herbs 3" became "[Daily] Gathering Herbs"
  • "[Daily] Gathering Weapon Materials 3" became "[Daily] Gathering Weapon Materials"

26. Renamed Asmodian quest "[Spy] Looking for Strange Aether" to "[Group] Looking for Strange Aether", because it doesn't require rifting but does ask you to kill a challenging monster.

27. Shortened the [Manastone Exchange] prefix in all quest titles that had it to [Manastone], to match other [Manastone] quests.

28. Fixed text in the Elyos quest "[Group] Geologist in Jeopardy" so that it correctly instructs the player to collect "Charger's Masks" rather than "Assaulter's Masks" and "Wallarm's Masks" instead of "Guard's Masks".

29. Fixed the text in Elyos quests "[Daily] Passing Stones" so that it correctly instructs the player to look for "Janustones" instead of "Chaos Manastones", and "[Daily] Destroy the Meteorite" so that it correctly instructs the player to look for "Janusite Meteorites" instead of "Chaos Meteorites".

30. Fixed a number of quest titles that were supposed to be tagged as [Group] quests and were not.

  • Elyos quests: "Korumonerk's Paultrons", "Nereus Needs You!", "Target: Lepharist Secrets", "Kishar Balaur", "Finding the Forges".
  • Asmodian quests: "Lepharist Ointment", "Preemptive Strike", "The Ikelus Manhunt", "Stua's Reinforcements".

31. Fixed text in Elyos quest "Easy as 4, 3, 2, 1" to clarify that the player needs to go back to Shaorunerk to turn the quest in (rather than Tassinerk, as it incorrectly stated).

32. Fixed the text in a number of quests so that they will now ask the player to kill the correct monster.#


1. Increased the maximum legion level from 3 to 5.

  • Three things are required to increase the legion's level: Kinah, legion members, and contribution points. (The Kinah values shown in the table below may vary a bit, depending on the tax.)
  • The maximum number of allowed legion members and legion warehouses increases as your legion level increases.
  • Depending on the legion level, different legion items are available for purchase.
  • Changed the default legion cloak.
  • Added 11 Legion Emblems.

2. Expanded Legion Titles.

  • The three existing titles (Brigade General, Centurion, and Legionary) have been expanded to five titles (Brigade General, Deputy, Centurion, Legionary, Volunteer).
  • The legion title may be changed using chat commands.
  • /lpromote [character name]: To increase the rank by one.
  • /ldemote [character name]: To decrease the rank by one.
  • The title permissions have been changed.
  • Added options for legion warehouse permission.
  • Deleted options legion board and board management permissions.

3. Added log features for the legion warehouse.

  • Storage and retrieval records of items and kinah are saved.
  • The feature is limited, depending on the character's permission level for storing or retrieving items and/or Kinah in the legion warehouse.
  • Characters with legion warehouse use permission may store and retrieve items and/or Kinah.
  • Characters with legion warehouse storage permission may only store items and/or kinah.
  • The usage log is available for a maximum of 4 days from the announcement date. The record is deleted after 4 days.

4. Added legion warehouse NPC in Reshanta. Kalix is the Elyos NPC and Skimir is the Asmodian.

Graphics Options

1. A "High Quality Graphics Engine" option has been added.

  • To enable the High Quality Graphics, if you are using an NVIDIA graphics card, you'll need a Geforce 9800 or higher, and if you are using an AMD card, you'll need a Radeon HD 4850 or higher.
  • Please update your graphics driver to the latest version before enabling High Quality Graphics.
  • Dust accumulation on graphic cards may negatively impact this option, so you may want to clean your card regularly.
  • You can choose the appropriate graphics setup for your PC from Options - Graphics Options - Graphics Engine Settings - Graphics Engine.
  • Graphics quality: The computer specifications of the system where the game is installed are used for the set up details.
  • The graphic setup options have been expanded to support a wider variety of graphics options. The High Quality Graphics Engine supports computers with high graphics specs. An option has also been added to increase the performance of computers with lower graphics specs.
  • The available setup options will vary, depending on whether the regular graphic engine or the superior graphic engine is selected.
  • When the "High Quality Graphic Engine" is selected, some options may be deactivated, depending on the computer's specs. (Options such as water effects, superior light source, and long-range focus effects.)
  • Improved the lighting to appear more natural in certain areas that were too dark or too bright when the graphics engine is set to High.
  • Improved the lighting inside certain instance dungeons that were too dark.


1. Revamped the color and design of the UI and HUD.

Changed some of the mouse cursor icons.

2. Improved the map's features, and made it more interactive.

  • Choose which information is shown using the "Show on Map" and "Quests" tabs on the left side of the map.
  • Check the detailed items for details on race, basic information, NPCs, etc.
  • You can now zoom into the map to get more detailed information.
  • The quest tab displays the same information as the quest journal, as well as indicating where the quest NPCs can be found.
  • Click the Atreia icon to go to other regions' maps.
  • The first minimap lets you choose between Elysea, Asmodae, Balaurea, and the Abyss.
  • Clicking on any of these areas will bring up the detailed regions within that part of the world
  • Additional map functions have been added, as below
  • Mouse over instance icons for more details on that instance..
  • A new type of instance dungeon icon shows when you cannot enter that instance.
  • Changed the fortress tooltips to show information for that fortress's instance info.
  • Functional NPCs now show up on the radar and the map.

3. Added a new feature to allow some customization of characters' basic animations.

The character information window has a new motion tab. The default options are stand by, run, jump, rest, and shop. However, new motions will be available in the future via "motion card" items.

4. Changed the Recruit Alliance window (accessed either from links in the chat window, or from the Find Group window) to display more information.

5. Changed the broker UI so that item information is easier to see.

Click the arrow at the right hand side to hide the 'Seller' column and expand the 'Item' column. Clicking a column will sort by that column. An arrow will show whether it's sorted from high to low or low to high.

6. Added an option to show only usable chain skills on the quickbar.

Toggle this in Options - Game Options - User Interface - Quickbar. When the default chain skill is still on cooldown, the next preferred chain skill will appear on the quickbar instead. Chain skills preferences can be changed in Skill Info - Chain Info

7. You can now see on the character selection screen whether a character has mail.

When there is unread mail, an envelope icon is shown at the top of the character info. If there are items left to settle at the broker, a money bag icon is shown.

8. Added number 5 and 6 brands for groups and alliances to use.

These can be found in Skills - Actions.

9. Added new face and body type presets.

  • Faces: [Elyos] Male: 43~54, Female: 41~49
  • Faces: [Asmodian] Male: 45 ~ 56, Female: 35~43
  • Body types: [Elyos] Male: lanky, childlike, beefy
  • Body types: [Elyos] Female: lanky, childlike
  • Body types: [Asmodian] Male: lanky, childlike, beefy
  • Body types: [Asmodian] Female: lanky, childlike.

10. New options during character creation allow you to change facial expressions and face shape. You can also select colors by clicking the palette.

11. The pathfinding spirit that shows the way in the capital cities can now be disabled in 'Options - Game Options- User Interface - Show pathfinding spirit in the city'.

12. Made some additions and changes to the instance zone hot key settings.

Set the hot key in Options - Key Mapping- Window - Instance Info. Dark Poeta now has its own separate hot key setting, Dark Poeta Instance, to distinguish it from the general instance option

13. Increased the number of buff/debuff icons that the UI can display.

  • For your own character, up to 20 icons are shown in three rows. 8 per row.
  • For a targeted character, up to 20 icons are shown in two rows, 10 per row.
  • Summoned spirits will show up to 20 icons in two rows, 10 per row.
  • A group member's icons will still show the first 10, as before. However, when there are 11 or more, it will now indicate the number of unseen debuffs.

14. A new animation has been added for when windows are opened.

15. Fixed a bug that caused effects to display even when players had turned them off in 'Options Graphics Options Display effect for...'

16. When a Critical Hit occurs with a skill attack, a system message saying "Critial Hit!" will now appear.

17. The size of the + button on the trade broker window is now adjustable according to the screen mode.

18. Fixed an issue where the name of the region 'Beritra's Weapon' in Beluslan, Asmodae, was shown in yellow.

19. Changed the maximum number of search results to 110 when searching for a character in the Find Friend window.

20. Changed some of the colors on the skin color palette used in character customization.

21. Fixed a bug where shortcut keys would reset when a player logged off after assigning shortcut keys.

22. Changed the system message when attempting to remodel an item that cannot be remodeled. It used to say that the item was not extractable, but extracting is a different process and the two are not linked. It now correctly states that the item cannot be used for modification.

23. Changed the slash command for the O sign and X sign emotes to /true and /false respectively. (/O is not a valid command, so we had to specify something that would actually work.)

24. Changed all in-game mentions of "PowerWiki" to say "Game Guide", to reflect the renaming/revamp of the service. Any in-game links have been updated to point to the new URL.


1. NPCs inside Balaur Fortress will no longer attack Omega and Ragnarok.

2. The effect of the "Tepetz's Curse" skill used by Lord Lannock's summoned 'Diligent Page' can now be cured with Greater Healing Potions or purification spells.

3. Lupukin in Beshmundir's Walk now sells Asmodian Kisks .

4. Fixed a bug where the corpses of monsters sometimes did not appear correctly.

5. Changed the stats of certain guard NPCs in Silentera Canyon.

6. Changed the stats of certain monsters in Heiron.

7. Fixed a bug where another NPC would appear in Inggison instead of the gate captain Pasiphae.

8. Fixed a bug where players were able to obtain AP from certain monsters in Gelkmaros.

9. Changed the names of the level 47 Kerubiel Sentinels at the Southern Latheron Coast in Theobomos, because they are identical to the Kerubiel Watchers at the same location and count as Kerubiel Watchers for the quest "Kerubiels on the Coast".

10. Renamed all Condor mobs throughout the game to Gryphus, since they actually are the same as the existing Gryphu mobs. Changed all relevant quest text to match.

11. Renamed the Crack Kaidan Afari mobs in the Kaidan Mine in Eltnen to Crack Kaidan Snappers. They were totally unrelated to the gatherable fish "Afari".

12. All merchants whose NPC titles said "Quality [Items]" now say "Divine [Items]"

13. Fixed references in several quests and item names to "Great Protectors" of various things ("Great Protector of Light", etc) when it should have been "Defenders" ("Light's Defender", for example). Affected quests:

  • Asmodian: "Muelina's Forgetfulness", "Core Competency", "[Craft] Tigraki Weaponsmithing", "Loyalty and Affableness"
  • Elyos: "Loyalty", "Four Defenders", "...Plus Two More Defenders".

14. Changed the names of a couple of 'spectral' monsters that had the same name as other monsters in other regions:

  • Level 44 & 45 "Spectral Warriors" in Heiron changed to "Equitatus Zealots" to distinguish them from the Spectral Warriors in Morheim and to connect them with other Equitatus mobs in the area.
  • Level 43 "Spectral Fighters" in the same location changed to "Equitatus Deathbringers".


1. Added new Kaisinel Academy and Marchutan Academy areas.

You can reach them using the temple teleport statues in Sanctum and Pandaemonium. Alternatively, talk to the Crucible Teleporter NPC in Inggison or Gelkmaros.

2. Fixed a bug allowing players to access areas near Inggison and Gelkmaros Fortress that they were not intended to be able to reach.

Fixed regions are near Altar of Avarice, Temple of Scales, Vorgaltem Citadel, and Crimson Temple.

3. Modified some terrain in Gelkmaros's Earthfang Gorge.

4. Fixed a bug allowing players to move into the terrain in certain parts of Gelkmaros.

5. You cannot place kisks in some locations in Inggison and Gelkmaros. When you log out in those areas, you will now teleport to the Obelisk you are bound to.

6. Fixed a problem causing players to be returned to their Obelisks from certain parts of Heiron's Black Tears Swamp.

7. A Kisk can no longer be installed inside an instance or in Silentera Canyon.

8. Changed the loading banner, log-in screen, server selection, and character selection screen.

The new loading banner. The new character creation background:

9. Elite Balaur will now spawn at Kysis, enabling the Balaur to recapture the fortress.


1. Fixed the cutscene audio and subtitles for the Elyos quest "The Shugo Fugitive" so that it would now correctly refer to the NPC as Gestanerk, rather than Dogirunerk.

2. Fixed the audio in the cutscene for the Asmodian quest "[Expert] Armorsmithing Expert". (Half of it was previously silent).

3. Added new audio files for a number of NPCs, which previously had missing audio greets, misleading greets, used the wrong voice, etc.

Darius, Anaka, Dein, Baoninerk, Javirunerk, Lyeanenerk, Moorinerk, Vorena, Angrboda, Asphesius, Aquila, Aranolf, Orashunerk, Evadene, Dullaha, Sinood, Leah, Leanor, Mikurunrunerk, Zetus, Squeegenerk, Ben, Clio, Cliessa, Garpedo, Gerad, Chopirunerk

4. Fixed the text in many cutscenes where there were slight text mismatches from the voiceover.

5. Fixed several cutscenes and NPC audio greets where the sound volume was too low for the voice to be heard.

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