Aion: The Tower of Eternity


Aion free-to-play changeover dated

Compensation offer for current subscribers detailed.

Aion goes free-to-play in February 2012

"We want to reinvigorate the world."

Aion free-to-play changeover dated

Compensation offer for current subscribers detailed.

Aion goes free-to-play in February 2012

"We want to reinvigorate the world."

Aion Patch 2.5

"The game we wish we could have launched with."

Aion 2.5 full patch notes, release date

Mentors! New graphics! Conditioning!

Aion Balaurea expansion dated

More levels! Pets! Different flying!

Server mergers planned for Aion

Patch 1.9, character transfers live in June.

Aion patch 1.9 to overhaul questing, XP

Plus new skills for every class.

Aion plastic surgery, gender change soon

Paid account services "as early as February".

Aion glitch gives players trillions of gold

US server rolled back to restore economy.

Aion double XP weekends start soon

Temporary solution to harsh grind.

NCsoft evasive on Aion Vision video

"Some features further along than others".

Aion expansion teased in video?

Trailer shows stunning improvements.

16,000 banned from Aion in the West

Botters and gold traders turfed out.

Nearly 1 million copies of Aion shifted

In North America and Europe alone.

Aion level cap reached in 17 days

Two players tie the race to 50.

NCsoft: Aion has plenty of space now

Solution not as "simple" as new servers.

NCsoft addresses Aion server issues

"The rhino is upon us," says top dog.

Aion opens two new European servers

Queues so long you can't join them.

NCsoft not worried about Aion crowds

Doesn't want "low-pop servers".

AION headstart floods servers

Queues lasting several hours.

Aion trumpets 400,000 pre-orders

Also: GameGuard dropped from launch.

Aion open beta and early access dated

Opportunities to play throughout September.

Guild Wars creator leaves NCsoft West

Preisdent and ArenaNet co-founder departs.

Aion: The Tower of Eternity

Gliding through the beta.

Aion beta keys now activated!

Please read if you claimed one.

Aion heads to Europe in September

NCsoft's big hope just months away.

Early and beta access for Aion pre-orders

Update: new beta schedule inside.

Aion open beta to run in August

NCsoft MMO looking good for autumn.

Aion to get western release this autumn

NCsoft taking its time with localisation.

Koreans go crazy for Aion beta

170,000 players online at once.

Aion nears open beta in Korea

Western version being "culturalised".

Feature | Aion: Tower of Eternity

NCsoft gives you wings.

NCsoft preparing Aion for 2008

"We're being as brave as saying Q4".

Aion - Tower of Eternity

Aion the horizon.