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Early and beta access for Aion pre-orders

Update: new beta schedule inside.

NCsoft has revealed the European pre-order program for Aion: The Tower of Eternity, its next MMO, due to launch in the autumn.

Pre-ordering the game will guarantee you access to all scheduled beta events. We reported on these yesterday: the second of the limited closed beta events is this weekend, with two more before the open beta in August.

You'll also get a 48-hour head start on the servers come launch time, some exclusive in-game items and a chance to select your character name and server ahead of the game going live.

The offer applies to pre-orders of both the Limited Collector's Edition and the standard copy of the game. Participating retailers include Game and Steam. Full details at the Aion website.

Update: We've just seen a revised beta schedule, with more closed beta events stretching into August. It runs as follows:

  • June 19th to 22nd: Closed beta, Asmodian faction levels 1-10
  • July 2nd to 6th: Closed beta, Asmodian faction levels 1-20
  • July 17th to 20th: Closed beta, Elyos and Asmodian levels 1-25
  • July 31st to August 3rd: Closed beta, TBC
  • August 14th to August 17th: Closed beta, TBC

No word on the open beta dates, but since it was due to start on 14th August, we assume it's been pushed back a little


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