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Aion open beta to run in August

NCsoft MMO looking good for autumn.

Dates have surfaced for the closed and open beta tests of Aion: The Tower of Eternity, NCsoft's next MMO, indicating that the game could well be ready for an early autumn release.

Having already tested the game extensively before its Korean launch last year, NCsoft is contenting itself with a series of short weekend tests in the West. The first phase of closed beta took place at the end of E3 week, which explains why we missed it. Sorry.

According to Beckett Massive Online Gamer magazine (spotted by Massively), open beta testing takes place between August 14th and 23rd, indicating that an early autumn release is very much on the cards for the sumptuous, East-meets-West MMO.

Here's the full list of upcoming dates, with the parts of the game being tested each time:

  • 19th to 21st June: Closed beta, Asmodian faction, levels 1-10
  • 3rd to 5th July: Closed beta, Asmodian faction, level cap increase
  • 17th to 19th July: Closed beta, The Abyss (high-level player-versus-player zone)
  • 14th to 16th August: Open beta, phase one
  • 19th to 23rd August: Open beta, phase two

These dates are "accurate as of press time", according to Beckett, and the closed beta dates certainly tally with what Eurogamer has heard from NCsoft privately.

You can find out more and get involved with beta testing at the Aion website, or explore some previews and luscious media at our own Aion gamepage.

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