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Aion open beta and early access dated

Opportunities to play throughout September.

NCsoft has put firm dates on the open beta and early access phases for its big MMO launch of the year in the West, Aion: The Tower of Eternity.

Open beta runs from 6th to 13th September. It updates the game to version 1.5, and features a level cap of 30, high enough to get players into the central Abyss zone and have a big old fight with each other.

Closed beta participants and those who've pre-ordered the game will be able to jump straight in, and can get started now by downloading the client. There will be more keys distributed closer to the start of open beta.

On 18th September, pre-orderers will be able to pre-select their servers and character names. They'll then be able to start levelling when the "Headstart" begins and servers open for real on 20th September. You can still opt in by pre-ordering the game now.

The great unwashed will finally join them when the game launches on 22nd September in North America, and 25th September in Europe.

Aion's been doing brisk business in Asia since its launch there last year, but NCsoft has been taking its time with an extensive localisation process, hoping to score the first major hit for a Korean MMO in the West. You can read much more about it at the Aion gamepage.