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Ubisoft trademarks Future Soldier

What do you Recon it will be used for?

Ubisoft's Ghost Recon 4 could be subtitled Future Soldier, judging by a new Ubisoft trademark spotted at the weekend by superannuation.

The name's not a million miles away from the series' previous "Advanced Warfighter". Nor, looking further afield, from Modern Warfare.

But both of the above are set in a near, graspable future. Perhaps Ubisoft is now ready to ditch bullets for lasers and bullet-proof vests for rocket-powered rollerskates. The trademark filing itself offers no other clues.

Ghost Recon 4 has been mentioned on multiple occasions this year during Ubisoft's financial reports and conference calls. The game has not been officially announced, however, and won't be out before April 2010 - an autumn or early 2011 release is most likely.