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Deadliest Warrior game announced

Who are history's greatest fighters?

Deadliest Warrior, the television show that scientifically matches up history's greatest fighting techniques, is being turned into a game.

Deadliest Warrior: The Game was announced during a video reel at the Spike Video Game Awards 2009.

The clip showed a knight squaring up to a ninja in a forest, each using their relative styles of attack before the video asked, "Who is deadliest?" The knight did have a shuriken thrown in his eye during the confrontation. That probably would have stopped us.

Deadliest Warrior: The Game will be released as a downloadable title in 2010. No platforms were mentioned.

Spike TV makes Deadliest Warrior and the show will return for a second series - find out more on the official website. Not to be confused with Deadliest Catch, which is a show about fishing crabs.

The first Deadliest Warrior: The game video can be found on GameTrailers.