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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Eurogamer goes to WAR

Massive MAG event announced.

Eurogamer needs you! Specifically, we need you to kill our enemies.

Ahead of the launch of MAG for PlayStation 3 at the end of January, we need 64 of our best and most handsome and talented readers to represent us in a massive battle against our bitter and extremely evil rivals at another website.

You will get to play the game online early next month as part of the open beta, and then take those skills into battle on our behalf at a Central London venue, where you will be pampered with free food and drink and invited to play against our evil enemies in Sabotage and Acquisition battles.

After that, you will join forces with our aforementioned enemies and take the battle to 128 unspeakably evil super enemies from the US, all of whom probably have one of those rubbish little tuft beard things. Remember: the enemies of our super enemies are our friends. All 64 of them.

Not content with that, all 64 of our guys will get a limited edition copy of MAG to take home and finish the fight. Wait, that's the other lot. You may also find yourself starring in a special Eurogamer TV Show covering the event.

More details to follow in the New Year! In the meantime, why not remind yourself what MAG is all about in our beefy hands-on preview?

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