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Five PSP minis already PS3-compatible

The rest to be ready by Thursday.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Although Sony had previously said it would be 17th December before PSP minis were ported for use on the PS3's new emulator, the official blog reveals that five are compatible as of now.

They are: Dynogems (£2.49 / €2.99), Heracles Chariot Racing (£3.49 / €3.99), Let's Golf! (£3.99 / €4.99), Telegraph Crosswords (£3.49 / €3.99) and Beat 'Em Up (£2.49 / €2.99). We'll be taking a look at the emulation soon.

(Update: My bad. Eurogamer's resident Blacksmith of the Future, Digital Foundry's Rich Leadbetter, says that three are three others available now too: Echoes, Stand o' Food and Breakquest.)

Sony hopes to have all the existing PSP minis available for the PS3 by Thursday. In the meantime, why not read our PSP minis roundup, where many of them are reviewed?

PSP minis are Sony's answer to the Apple iTunes App Store, or Nintendo DSiWare, offering cheap and cheerful downloadable handheld games made by indie developers. The platform holder decided to open them up for use on PS3 last month and the latest optional PS3 firmware, 3.15, introduces baseline compatibility.

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