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White Knight gets US release date

European one to be announced soon.

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Sony America has announced that White Knight Chronicles: International Edition will be released for PlayStation 3 in the US on 2nd February 2010.

Writing on the official US blog, associate product manager Cristian Cardona said that a European release date would hopefully be announced "in the coming weeks".

UK retailers Amazon and Play both list the PS3-exclusive RPG for 19th February, for what it's worth. We've asked Sony UK if there's any word in the meantime.

White Knight Chronicles was rather spiffing in its original Japanese incarnation, as we explained in our import review this February.

For its Western release, developer Level-5 has introduced various new features, too, which you can read about in our Tokyo Game Show report.

Sony obviously likes what it's seen so far, as a second game has already been announced.

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