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New True Crime game unveiled at VGAs

Looks like it's set in Hong Kong.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

A new instalment in Activision's True Crime series is in development.

Judging by the trailer shown at the Video Games Awards, it's set in Hong Kong. It all looks very exciting - Triads! M0t0rbik3s! Cleavers! Cleavages! Splosions! etc.

"When you're undercover you have to make sacrifices," says a voiceover. "These people are ruthless. Whatever happens, just remember: we are the good guys." And by the way, "When you're with the Triads you will have to think like them and kill like them." Crikey.

A logo at the end of the trailer suggests the game is being developed by United Front, also responsible for ModNation Racers. So it could be rather different to the original True Crime games, which were produced by Luxoflux.

The original, subtitled Streets of LA, was released in 2003 and scored a respectable 7/10 on Eurogamer. A sequel, True Crime: New York City, followed two years later and wasn't as good.

Platforms and a release date for the new True Crime have yet to be announced.

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