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Darksiders Video Roundup

Most of level one, two massive fights and a big puzzle.

It's not the end of the world, but it is the end of the year, which seems like a good opportunity to contemplate Darksiders' fictional end of the world, since it kicks off on 8th January with the game's release on PS3 and Xbox 360.

We've had the good fortune to play around with a finished version of the game recently and with a little help from one of THQ's better players we're able to bring you a selection of videos from various sections of the game where someone who knows what the buttons does is guiding the action.

As you'll see, these are taken from near the start, near the middle and even near the end, but we've been careful to remove any and all story spoilers, and you should also bear in mind that Vigil's action-adventure is a pretty large game - so for all the things you will get to see in the videos below, there are plenty more of equal or better quality that you won't experience until the game's out.

So is it any good? We'll let you know in our review closer to release. Check out our most recent Darksiders hands-on preview for a chunky overview, and look out for more videos highlighting other sections of the game once we get back from our holidays in January.

World 1-1

Just past the wicked opening cinematic, and clipped to avoid key story revelations, this is a meaty chunk of the opening level, before War is stripped of many of his powers.

Upper stories

In this video, War has to transport a bomb from the bottom of a level right the way to a top using a range of abilities in order to open a particular door and make progress.

Crab at it

In this video, everyone's favourite horseman takes on a giant enemy crab, and goes upside its head with a massive wagon.

Hammer time

A bit later in the game, War runs into this chap, who puts up a mean fight with a big hammer, but ought to be watching his back instead. Some interesting use of the game's portal gun (yep) evident in this one.

For more videos of Darksiders in action, check out the PS3 and Xbox 360 gamepages.

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