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Xbox 360 GOD delivers Crackdown

RTW's openworld riot for 15 quid.

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The outstanding Crackdown has been added Xbox Live's Games on Demand for £14.99.

It's cheaper (and in stock) at Amazon, Play and HMV, but only by a few pounds.

You can queue Crackdown for download from the Xbox website. The file is 6GB.

Crackdown was released fairly quietly at the start of February 2007, but soon gained momentum (and copycats) for its approachable openworld style, online co-op, rooftop jumping and unashamedly powerful hero. Head over to our Crackdown review for a full analysis.

Crackdown 2 is in development at Ruffian Games while Realtime Worlds focuses on potentially ground-breaking MMO APB instead. Catch up with our recent hands-on impressions of Crackdown 2 to see how the game's shaping up.

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