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Bohemia details free ArmA II DLC

AH-64 campaign and new warfare mode.

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Bohemia Interactive has announced that ArmA II's 1.05 patch will be released this month and includes a free downloadable campaign and new multiplayer mode.

The Eagle Wing mini-campaign expands on one of the full game's alternative endings, giving players control of the AH-64 Apache attack helicopter as the war in Chernarus "has overgrown into a conflict between the USA and the Russian Federation".

Meanwhile, the new "When Diplomacy Fails" gametype expands on the warfare mode introduced in the original ArmA, which consists of a mixture of FPS and strategy elements. When Diplomacy Fails includes three-side support for diplomacy between all factions, and allows for up to 32 players.

"This latest update 1.05 reaffirms our commitment to ArmA II and our community at large: it includes the free downloadable content as our way of saying thank you to all those who buy our games and provide us support and feedback from around the globe," said Bohemia CEO Marek Spanel.

"We continue to be amazed by the many ways our community is constantly expanding on our game with add-ons, mods and user-made missions. With this level of continued activity surrounding our game it's our pleasure to be able to support it this extensively post-launch."

Check out the Eagle Wing trailer to see what's in store in the free update.

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