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Capcom making Resident Evil motorbike

It's got guns and health spray on it.

What does Capcom make? Games? No, motorbikes actually.

The games publisher has partnered with movie production company Hollywood Inc. to commission a Resident Evil Chopper.

The bike will have armour-plated front and rear tires, plus dual .50 Magnums, health spray, herb vials, grenade launcher, knife sheath, zombie spikes, STARS logo and Ithica M37 shotgun.

"This isn't some crazy corporate bike being built for display instead of riding. Instead, this is an awesome piece of Resident Evil merchandise that you can fire up and take out on the open road," wrote Chris "Kramerz" Kramer on the Capcom blog.

Vroom! Did Capcom pay for that?

Workshop Savage Cycles will producer an "extraordinarily limited" number of these bikes that you can actually buy. Naturally there's no mention of price. Capcom expects the first batch to be ready to ride in January.

The Capcom blog has concept sketches and work-in-progress photos of the Resident Evil Chopper. Shame it's not Orange County Choppers making the bike, really.

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