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Taito's Qixx++ on XBLA tomorrow

Decades-old game returns to life.

Taito's remake of 28 year-old game Qix will be available tomorrow on Xbox Live Arcade.

Dubbed Qix++, this will cost 800 Microsoft Points (£6.80/€9.60).

Game details are scarce; so far a short video on GamerBytes is all the evidence of Qix++ there appears to be. Visuals have been sparingly snazzed-up, and we presume all the required Leaderboards and Achievements are in place.

The aim of Qix is to fence off a majority of the screen. This is done using a diamond-like marker that travels horizontally or vertically, from one edge of a rectangular playing-field to another. But making life difficult is a weird entity that bumbles around, obstructing your path.

This as well as other enemies must be outmanoeuvred, as touching any of them loses a life. Timing, then, is the key to success.

Sounds boring. Where are the rats?