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Champions Online gets demo, iPhone app

Also Christmas event and recruitment bonus.

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Cryptic will be promoting its superhero MMO Champions Online with a new update, an iPhone app, a recruitment initiative and a free demo this Christmas.

Starting today, 21st December, you'll be able to play two characters up to level 15 within the game's tutorial areas free of charge in a new demo. Find it at the official site.

The iPhone app, Champions Companion, allows you to view your character, manage your friends list and see online status, use mail, read in-game news and more. It's available now, free, from the App Store.

The new referral program allows players to invite a friend to play free for 10 days. Both of you will get a rare in-game action figure and experience and combat buffs when you group up. You'll also earn an additional costume slot and 400 Cryptic Points currency for every one of your recruits who buys the game.

Finally, Cryptic launched the Attack of the Misfit Toys event this weekend, with the usual new costume pieces, action figures and perks to go with a wandering giant robotic teddy bear boss in Millennium City.

Cryptic is also currently winding up for the release of Star Trek Online at the start of February. We've just got our beta access, so look out for a report and more early in the New Year.

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