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Free TF2 weekend starts tomorrow

Try out the WAR! update.

Valve's letting anybody and everybody play Team Fortress 2 this weekend for free.

Doors open tomorrow, and that leaves plenty of time to download and install the game.

The free weekend hopes to draw attention to the new WAR! update that had Demomen and Soldiers at each others' throats. Each was battling to amass a bigger score than the other as the winner is to be bestowed with an extra new weapon by Valve.

The winner is not the Soldier, as has just been pointed out. Each of the two classes will be given three new weapons over the week, and the winner will receive a fourth. The losing side will never ever get a fourth weapon as punishment.

Head over to the Team Fortress 2 Steam page to pre-load the game in preparation. Full thing only costs £13.99.