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Woo turning Stranglehold into film

But too busy to make another game.

Chinese director John Woo has confirmed that 2007 videogame Stranglehold will be made into a film.

"I forgot to tell you. We are going to make that into a movie," Woo told Cinematical.

Does that mean he's making another game? "No. I don't have that much time, even though I want to make one again," he said.

Stranglehold was a sequel to Woo's 1992 action film Hard Boiled, which revolved around hard-as-nails cop Tequila taking down a crime syndicate single handedly.

Woo's good friend Chow Yun-Fat reprised his role as Tequila in the videogame and will presumably take the honours again in a Stranglehold film.

Woo's recent film Red Cliff is Asia's most expensive ever at around $80m and was split into two parts; Part 1 was released in the summer of 2008 and Part 2 came out at the beginning of 2009. A trimmed version of part one was released in the US last month.

Woo confirmed that a full, two-part DVD release of the Asian version will be available in the US - presumably sometime in the new year.

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