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Criterion talks up binned Burnout DLC

Planes! Boats! Time travel! Squirrels!

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Criterion has revealed various plans for downloadable content in Burnout Paradise that never made it into production.

Some of these sound a bit far-fetched, but according to the official website they included planes, helicopters, boats, time travel and the moon.

"Someone on the team said that 'players want the moon on a stick when it comes to DLC'. We thought that was funny and thought we'd do it," the blog detailed.

"The actual surface of the real moon was modelled and it was drive-able. Lunar Challenges would have been totally unexpected - as would have been zero gravity Takedowns and Challenges." The actual surface of the real moon.

Time travel's another good one. "On a certain day, a time portal would have opened on the Island. When you jumped through, you would have found yourself on Big Surf, at another point in history.

"Maybe the Wild West... you could have done some Challenges and then jumped back. At this point, even some hardened members of The Burnout Team thought this was 'going a bit too far'."

Check out the rest of the post to see what else we nearly lucked into playing. Or just skive off work because of the snow and dig out Ultimate Box.

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