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BioWare addresses DA PS3 bonus issue

Update: Now with UK details.

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Update: EA UK has told us that anyone affected over here should contact EA Customer Support on 0870 2432435 (Monday to Friday 9am-9pm) or go to

Original story: BioWare has advised anybody having problems with the bonus disc for the PS3 Collector's Edition of Dragon Age to get in touch.

The problem, according to a thread on the official forum, is that the soundtrack provided as part of the bundle is in MP3 format, but the disc it's on is a Blu-ray.

PS3s won't play back MP3s stored on a Blu-ray, while most PC owners don't have a Blu-ray drive so they can't get at the content there either.

It's particularly galling for some fans because the packaging of the special edition refers to a "Bonus DVD", not a Blu-ray, as you can see on GAME's website.

Anyway, Kotaku quotes a BioWare spokesperson saying that PS3 owners should make contact via

Apparently affected customers are being given access to the bonus content on PC using EA Downloader.

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