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FIFA 12 has 4 commentators but no Gray

Tyler! Tyldesley! Smith! Townsend!

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FIFA 12 will have two commentary teams: one comprising Clive Tyldesley and Andy Townsend, the other Alan Smith and Martin Tyler.

But there's no Andy Gray, the long-time voice of FIFA, who was dumped by Sky Sports after making derogatory comments about women.

Smith and Tyler form the first FIFA 12 commentary team and voice the bulk of the game. Townsend and Tyldesley call the shots during tournament matches.

But either set can be picked for any match by delving into the FIFA 12 options.

EA promises more than 10,000 lines of "fresh commentary".

Smith and Tyler are familiar with each other from the TV football coverage. Alan Smith, a former striker for Arsenal, used to be my favourite player. Why I remember that 22nd-minute goal in the UEFA Cup Winner's Cup final against Parma like it were yesterday.

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