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Cleary charged with e-crime offences

Former Anonymous man in court tomorrow.

Ryan Cleary, the 19 year-old Essex man arrested earlier this week in connection with recent LulzSec activity, has formally been charged with five separate computer crime offences.

As detailed on the Metropolitan Police website, Cleary is accused of instigating distributed denial of service attacks on the Serious Organised Crime Agency, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry and the British Phonographic Industry.

He's also charged with conspiring with other unknown people on or before 20th June to “conduct unauthorised modification of computers by constructing and distributing a computer program to form a network of computers (a Botnet).”

Finally, he's been charged with making, adapting, suppling or offering to supply the aforementioned Botnet for use in a DDoS attack.

There's no mention of any game-related incidents in the rap sheet.

He's due to appear at City of Westminster Magistrates Court tomorrow morning Thursday June 23 to enter a plea and set a trial date.

According to a recent thinq_ interview, Cleary left the notorious Sony-baiting Anonymous hacking collective in May in protest at its leadership structure. He then set up his own splinter operation, rumoured to be LulzSec – the group behind recent attacks on Nintendo, Bethesda and CCP.