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UK retail lists PS Vita at £230

For Wi-Fi only, £280 for 3G + Wi-Fi.

GAME and have become the first UK retailers to put a price on PlayStation Vita, with both currently listing the Wi-Fi only version for £229.99 and the 3G plus Wi-Fi model for £279.99.

The news comes in the wake of Sony's announcement in the early hours of this morning that the Wi-Fi model would retail for $249 (£223) and the 3G plus Wi-Fi at $299 (£268) in the US.

Gamescom in August is the most likely venue for a formal announcement on UK and Euro pricing by Sony.

During its E3 press conference Sony also ended speculation by confirming the new name for its next-generation portable console.

"So, what does Vita mean?" asked PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai. "Vita means life, and we're confident that PlayStation Vita will be the first product that truly blurs those lines between PlayStation entertainment and your real life."