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Witcher 2 PS3: dev "would love" to do it

CD Projekt wants "a good PS3 developer".

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A PlayStation 3 version of superb fantasy role-playing game The Witcher 2 looks likely.

Developer CD Projekt Red told Eurogamer it would "love" to make a PS3 version after it's finished creating the Xbox 360 version, due out later this year.

Indeed, the Polish studio is on the hunt for a PS3 developer to help make the magic happen.

"The technology, the Red engine, is capable of doing all three: PS3, Xbox 360 and PC," senior producer Tomasz Gop told Eurogamer.

"We are focused on Xbox 360 right now. Obviously that doesn't mean we would not like to do PS3 later on in line, like next after that. We would love to. Yes, I can say we would love to."

So what's the hold up?

"The size of the studio and the approach we have for the projects," Gop explained. "We do not like to engage 50/50. With everything we go with full speed, always.

"The other thing is switching from PC to Xbox 360 was quite straightforward. We already have people that have done 360 games on board.

"Right now we're on the look out for a good PS3 developer, so it might happen."

Eurogamer's The Witcher 2 review turned up a blood-soaked 9/10.

"What bravery and gravity," wrote Quintin Smith. "With a little time investment, this game offers everything the fantasy genre can be."

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