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Fans spam Nintendo for Last Story release

Xenoblade, Pandora's Tower demanded too.

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Wii users disgruntled at Nintendo's reluctance to localise a number of its Japan-only titles have launched a spamming campaign in an effort to coax the platform holder into action.

According to Destructoid, gamers have rallied around a lengthy thread on IGN's forum and unleashed a unified letter-writing and email offensive on Nintendo of America.

Nintendo's Facebook page has taken both barrels too, with gamers hijacking threads and demanding news on the status of Mistwalker's ambitious RPG The Last Story, which launched in Japan earlier this year to positive reviews.

Action adventure Pandora's Tower is also on the wishlist, as well as a US release for acclaimed Monolith Soft role player Xenoblade Chronicles.

The Wii's 2011 release slate is decidedly threadbare until Zelda: Skyward Sword finally launches later this year. Considering there's quality content waiting in the wings, it's not hard to see why some are getting frustrated.

Still, there's cause for some smugness among European Nintendo patrons. Xenoblade Chronicles has been confirmed for release on this side of the pond in September.

For those interested, there's a handy NeoGAF thread rounding-up all the Wii and DS titles Nintendo of Japan is keeping for itself.

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