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Avalanche "pretty sure" new tech by 2014

"Intelligence" insists next-gen is incoming.

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Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios is near-enough certain that at least one next-generation machine will be on shelves by 2014.

Last week the Swedish outfit announced it was opening a New York outpost to work on a new IP due for release in 2014 on the next round of console tech.

Speaking in an interview with Edge, the boss of the new studio David Grijns explained the basis for its assumption that Sony or Microsoft will have new systems ready by then.

"We obviously talk to everybody, and everybody talks to us," he said. "We have some intelligence to go on that, by early 2014, we're pretty sure there'll be at least one next-generation console on the market.

"When we say 'next-gen' in the press release, it's really a reference to what we think the market will look like then.

"Anyone who says they know what the market is going to look like three years from now is just blowing smoke. Whatever happens, we feel very confident that we'll be ready for it."

Grijns then added a little insight into what he hopes to see from the next evolutionary leap in console hardware.

"I don't think the industry needs better-looking games: I think it needs better games. If there is a way to push the bar in a few years then that's fine, but the looks of games these days are so good that they don't need to look better.

"What is more interesting is the ways that developers and publishers can find new ways of designing games - and more interesting gameplay and distribution models - rather than better-looking games."

While Nintendo has confirmed its new machine, the Wii U, will launch next year, both Microsoft and Sony have kept relatively quiet on their plans.

Last week Sony boss Jack Tretton suggested a new PlayStation might be a long way off, whereas recent rumours indicate a 2013 launch for a new Xbox.

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