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Microsoft blocked PS3 Tales of Vesperia

Paid to keep JRPG a Western 360 exclusive.

Microsoft paid Namco Bandai to keep Tales of Vesperia a Western Xbox 360 exclusive.

That's why the belated, expanded PlayStation 3 version never made it outside of Japan.

"Microsoft paid for the exclusivity the same way Sony paid for having Heavy Rain only on PS3," revealed Namco Bandai community manager Charlotte Toci in a Facebook post caught by RPG Site.

"It's just one way the business works, sadly.

"Those decisions are made really high up y'know, we do try and give them the max of fan feedback, but sometimes it's just out of our hands."

Tales of Vesperia, an overlooked JRPG, comes thoroughly recommended by Eurogamer.

"Namco is to be applauded for updating the series with no small amount of consideration and flair, an effort that has resulted in the strongest entry to the aging series yet, and one which makes up for its lack of polish with an abundance of detail, character and, dare I say it, soul," wrote Simon Parkin in Eurogamer's Tales of Vesperia review.

Tales of Vesperia on PS3.

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