Tales of Vesperia


Video | Tales series producer answers fan questions in video

No plans to make Western-orientated games.

More on Tales Xbox 360 exclusivity claim

Namco Bandai community manager backtracks.

Video | Tales series producer answers fan questions in video

No plans to make Western-orientated games.

More on Tales Xbox 360 exclusivity claim

Namco Bandai community manager backtracks.

Microsoft blocked PS3 Tales of Vesperia

Paid to keep JRPG a Western 360 exclusive.

Vesperia PS3 makes big impact in Japan

But Pokemon takes Gold and Silver.

MS helps PS3 projects blossom - report

Dev explains 360 exclusivity loophole.

UK Charts: Fight Night 4 the champ

But fellow newcomers disappoint.

PS3 Tales of Vesperia adds content

Voices, character, cutscenes, subplots.

Tales series heads to Wii, PS3, PSP

Graces, Versus, Vesperia.

Tales of Vesperia hits Europe in June

Atari set to release 360-exclusive RPG.

Tales of Vesperia gets release date

Won't be out in Europe till next year.