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Tales of Vesperia gets release date

Won't be out in Europe till next year.

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A global release schedule has been announced for Tales of Vesperia, the RPG being developed excusively for Xbox 360 by Namco.

As reported by Videogaming247, the game will launch in Japan on August 7th priced at JPY 7800 (GBP 37 / EUR 47).

A hardware bundle will be available for JPY 37,800 (GBP 180 / EUR 227). This will include the game, a Premium Xbox 360 unit and an unconfirmed bonus item.

Tales of Vesperia will also get an August release in the US. However, the game won't be available in Europe until 2009.

The news was announced by producer Yoshito Higuchi at a Microsoft-hosted event in Tokyo. He also said a TOV demo will be released via Xbox Live later this month, but didn't specify which regions it will be available in.

Us Europeans probably shouldn't hold our breath, but there's always, um, the trailer.