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Tales series heads to Wii, PS3, PSP

Graces, Versus, Vesperia.

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Namco Bandai plans to bring new Tales of games to PS3, Wii and PSP.

Tales of Graces will be the Wii instalment, according to Japanese magazine Jump (scanned and digested by Kombo). The game will be out in Japan later this year, and features a story based on the main character's desire never to lose someone again.

Tales of VS (versus) will be the PSP fighting game spin-off, and apparently a direct rival to Dissidia: Final Fantasy (which we thought was tip-top). Again, there's little information, but we know four players will be able to do battle dressed as well-known characters from the series; so far Yuri (Tales of Vesperia), Luke (Tales of the Abyss), Shing (Tales of Hearts) and Richter (ToSKoR) have been revealed.

Finally, Tales of Vesperia will be converted to PS3. This has already been released on Xbox 360 in Japan and America, and awaits a European release in June.

Vesperia, so far, has had a decent reception, taking home a Metacritic average of 81 per cent. And you can find much more information over on the Tales of Vesperia gamepage.

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