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Xbox 360 outsells PS3 in Japan

For a week, anyway.

Xbox 360 outsold PlayStation 3 in Japan by more than two to one in the week ending 10th August, according Ascii Media Works and Media Create.

AFP reports the AMW figures as 28,116 Xbox 360s sold and 10,705 PS3s, although it notes that both systems lagged behind Wii, which accounted for 41,044 sales.

Meanwhile, Media-Create's latest stats also point to a 360 mini-victory - quoting 24,962 Xbox 360 sales and 9,673 of PS3, with the Wii surging ahead by their estimation too.

As for why, Microsoft's good fortune can be linked to sales of Namco's exclusive Tales of Vesperia - currently number four in the Japanese charts with over 100,000 sales reported.

Let us not forget, however, that Afrika is finally released for PS3 in Japan on 28th August, at which point it is GAME OVER for all other videogame consoles. Or do you want to fight a rhino? Do you, other consoles?

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