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Bleszinksi kills Gears of War PS3 hope

"There's zero chance."

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What are the chances of Gears of War coming to PS3? It's a round number, according to creative director Cliff Bleszinski.

"I would say in the foreseeable future there's zero chance of Gears of War being on the PlayStation 3," he told IndustryGamers. "Can we bury that now?

"Seriously. It's like, we have a great deal with Microsoft, they're a great partner..."

Bleszinski dismissed any prior PS3 chatter as the sort of stuff that makes "exciting news" but has little substance.

Gears of War and Xbox 360 have walked hand in hand ever since the console was announced. Epic VP Mark Rein even once joked how he'd cost Microsoft $1 billion dollars because he sent a screenshot of what Gears of War would have looked like with only 256MB of RAM, thus forcing a costly architecture upgrade.

Microsoft has also supported each Gears of War release with huge marketing campaigns, and they needed to be big: the first Gears of War arrived in shops in the same month as PS3.

Gears of War 3 arrives in September.

Gears of War 3.

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