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EA's Origin reclaims Crysis 2 from Steam

My shop's better than your shop.

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Crysis 2 has disappeared from Steam and is now "only on Origin", EA's new digital distribution store.

Has EA's aggressive promotion of Origin begun? Will all upcoming EA games be excluded from Steam as well?

That's the assumption.

However, Crysis 2 can still be bought from other non-EA digital distribution outlets such as Impulse and Direct2Drive. And there are many other EA games still available on Steam, such as 2011 titles Dragon Age II, Bulletstorm and Shift 2: Unleashed.

But, this week's Alice: Madness Returns won't be sold on Steam. That game will be "only on Origin". And there's no sign of this autumn's Battlefield 3 on Steam either.

Origin is the next generation of the EA Store. One small application keeps track of all EA games, gathering stats, populating a profile and keeping you in touch with your friends. You can even buy games!

Crysis 2 on PC - a comparison of quality levels.

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