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Adidas reveals miCoach for Move, Kinect

THQ to publish athletic training offering.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

THQ and Adidas have teamed up to create some new athletic training software for PS Move and Kinect.

Titled miCoach, it's designed to help you get better at sports like basketball, football, American football, tennis and running. You'll receive personal training from sports stars such as Dwight Howard, Kaka, Tyson Gay, Jessica Ennis, Ana Ivanovic and Eric Berry. No idea.

The idea is you'll see the relevant star on-screen, working out right next to an image of your very own self. You'll receive regular updates on how well you're performing and you can even hook up an Adidas miCoach heart rate monitor. There's also a compatible mobile app.

You can read all about the miCoach concept over on the official website, although there's nothing about the THQ title to see yet.

MiCoach is down for a release early next year. The name works best if you imagine Peter Kay is saying it.

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