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GAME's £99 Wii price unrelated to Wii 2

Amazon matches the deal.

The £99.98 price of a Black Wii console bundle at GAME has nothing to do with Nintendo clearing stock ahead of a Wii 2 announcement, Eurogamer has been told.

GAME further reduced the £129.99 Wii price to £99.98 as part of an on-going Easter sale. But the deal won't last forever.

Incidentally, that Black Wii comes with Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and a Wii Remote Plus.

"Just to confirm that the Wii price of £99.98 is part of the on-going Easter deals campaign we are running and not related to anticipated price-drops or any new hardware rumours," a spokesperson for GAME clarified.

Giant online shop Amazon.co.uk offers the very same Black Wii bundle for the very same £99.98 price. However, Amazon hasn't returned Eurogamer's request for comment.

Overnight, rumours spread that Nintendo plans to announce a Wii 2 at E3 this summer. The console will apparently be "significantly more powerful" than both PS3 and Xbox 360, be backwards compatible, use Blu-ray and have a touch-screen on the controller.

Days earlier, reports claimed Nintendo will cut the price of Wii in May, bringing the US price of the console down to $150.


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