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Ms. Splosion Man release date announced

Twisted Pixel returns next month.

Ms. Splosion Man blasts onto Xbox Live Arcade on 13th July, developer Twisted Pixel has announced.

The sequel to hit 2009 platformer Splosion Man features 50 new single player levels, a 50 level multiplayer campaign, revamped network support and new gameplay mechanics.

"We are incredibly proud of Ms. Splosion Man and feel like it is our best game to date. We are very excited to launch it this summer on XBLA," commented CEO Mike Wilford.

Its predecessor won a solid 7/10 upon release, with Dan Whitehead judging it “a game that nudges greatness but never quite embraces it” in his Splosion Man review.

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Ms. Splosion Man

iOS, Xbox 360

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