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Fable: The Journey domain registered

Along with three Kinect-themed titles.

Microsoft has registered Fablethejourney.org as a domain name, along with three other phrases which seem to suggest a bunch of Kinect titles is on the way.

As spotted by Superannuation they include Dancecentral2.org and Kinectsportsseason2.org, plus the slightly more mysterious Kinectfunlabs.org. All the domains were registered on 3rd June.

This ties in with what Eurogamer has previously heard regarding Dance Central and Kinect Sports sequels being here in time for Christmas.

As for Kinect Fun Labs - could this be the other family-friendly offering Rare is reportedly working on?

No doubt we'll find out at Microsoft's E3 press conference, due to begin at 5pm today. We'll be live texting as it happens, so join us then.

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