Kinect Sports


Kinect officially dead

Well bam, there it is.

Microsoft pledges to support Rare

New games will be announced when the time is right.

Rare veteran George Andreas leaves Microsoft for Sony

New creative director at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Kinect officially dead

Well bam, there it is.

Microsoft pledges to support Rare

New games will be announced when the time is right.

Rare veteran George Andreas leaves Microsoft for Sony

New creative director at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Rare sticking with Kinect for its new project

More evidence suggests it's for the next Xbox.

The Rare game that never was: ex-staff member details Savannah

And how the team "all wanted to make" Killer Instinct 3.

Natural speech the next big challenge for Kinect - Rare dev

Praises Mass Effect 3 for "showing Kinect could be used with a controller".

Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection revealed by Xbox videos

Contains sports in Kinect Sports and Season 2.

Rare hiring for "multiple AAA future console releases"

Would prefer action/adventure or FPS experience.

Union Jack Xbox 360 Kinect Celebration Pack announced

Plus, the Great British Mouse. Pictures inside.

Sega design chief joins Kinect Sports dev Rare

Simon Woodroffe new Rare studio creative director.

Feature | Who Killed Rare?

Did Microsoft ruin Britain's greatest game studio?

Rare's about being "hugely successful"

"Not necessarily about genre, characters."

Feature | A Rare view of the future of Kinect

Scott Henson reveals Microsoft's motion-sensing strategy.

Kinect infringes patents, company claims

Impulse demands permanent injunction.

Why Kinect Sports is Rare's priority

And first-person shooters aren't.

Rare: the new Xbox "is always now"

"We're down the path" to the holodeck.

Video | Table tennis champs play Kinect Sports

UK team: "It's really realistic."

Fable: The Journey domain registered

Along with three Kinect-themed titles.

How MS will make XBL and Kinect better

"Everything will be drastically improved."

Kinect: MS to "serve hardcore" at E3

Kinect Sports 2, Dance Central 2, more.

Rare: Voice control the future for Kinect

'Xbox pause' "just the beginning".

Kinect Sports in A League of Their Own

Sky and Xbox's first product placement.

Former Colin McRae dev joins Rare

Craig Duncan now senior studio director.

MS: Rare in a position of strength

Kinect Sports sales "far exceed" expectations.

MPs show support for gaming

Gamers' Voice event "terrific", says Govt.

Video | Free DLC adds more Kinect Sports

Pinvaders! Target Smash! Fruit Splatter!

Kinect Sports DLC revealed

Adds 250 Gamerscore, is free.

UK chart: COD batters competition

UPDATE: Why Kinect Adventures is absent.

Kinect Sports Facebook app launched

Xbox 360 game feeds results into leagues.

Review | Kinect Reviewed

The Eurogamer verdict.

Video | New Kinect Sports trailer

Bowling, footie, pin-pong, gurning.

Review | Kinect Sports

Sporting gesture.

Video | Kinect Sports launch trailer

Rare's latest limbers up.

Rare: We're not a Kinect exclusive dev

But Kinect the "centrepiece of our strategy".

Xbox veteran takes charge of Rare

Henson swaps Redmond for Birmingham.

Microsoft thought Rare was Activision's

Deal went mysteriously "cold", says Fries.

Video | Microsoft Mum explains Kinect

"No more gadgets, no more gizmos."

One-to-one chat with AI "five years off"

Rare: Project Milo jumped the gun.

Try Kinect at Eurogamer Expo 2010

Plus: Nintendo games! Schedule tweaks!

Video | Rare Avatar gives Kinect Sports advice

Modes, Live features and potential additions.

Feature | Kinect's Kudo Tsunoda

On hybrid games, evolving through firmware and staying relevant.

Rare urges core gamers to try Kinect

"All I can say to the core is have a go."

Feature | Rare on Kinect Sports

Nick Burton on how Rare got involved with Kinect and why you should give it a try.

MS confirms voice control for Kinect

Update: After reports suggested otherwise.

Kinect UK release date announced

Update: Microsoft clears up confusion.

Molyneux: Judge Kinect on "the next step"

Sports and Adventures are "pretty good".

Rare responds to fan site closure

But not Kinect Sports criticism.

Rare researching GoldenEye for Kinect?

Burton: "There are so many possibilities."

Rare: Kinect lag "not an issue"

Past problems overcome, insists studio.

Digital Foundry | Tech Analysis: Kinect

Digital Foundry on latency, CPU overheads and how it all works.

Kinect out in the US on 4th November

ROW "thereafter". More than 15 launch titles.

Microsoft E3 Conference

Full news breakdown inside. New Xbox 360! Forza Kinect! Reach! Kinect date! Fable III date! Loads more.

Xbox 360 Kinect

Kinect Sports, Kinect Adventures, Dance Central, Your Shape, Joy Ride.

Microsoft shows off Kinect at E3 event

Sports! Star Wars! Dance! Yoga! Tigers!

Official: Natal is called Kinect

Slim 360 leaked by ad?