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Rare: Voice control the future for Kinect

'Xbox pause' "just the beginning".

For most of us, playing games using motion sensing Xbox 360 add-on Kinect is about waving your arms about and jumping up and down.

But in the future, it'll be about your voice – and you'll even be able to have conversations with it.

That's according to the boss of Kinect Sports developer Rare, who reckons talking to Kinect will play a key role in the games you'll play on it in the future.

"We're going to make using your voice much more front and centre – we've just scratched the surface on that," Scott Henson told MCV.

"The ability to say 'Xbox Pause' and it pauses is just the beginning. It's magic, but it should be just like having a conversation moving forward.

"We'll continue to advance and continue to make it better for both your body and your voice. I would say we've only scratched 10 per cent of the possibilities of what we can do with Kinect."

Canned Lionhead game Project Milo utilised Kinect's voice recognition software to simulate a virtual relationship between player and a young boy.

Microsoft is expected to unveil a raft of new Kinect games at its E3 press conference in June.