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Rare's about being "hugely successful"

"Not necessarily about genre, characters."

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The future for beloved British developer Rare lies in creating "fun innovative games that can be hugely successful".

The future doesn't "necessarily" lie in specific genres or characters of old, studio head Craig Duncan shared with Eurogamer.

In other words, less Killer Instinct, Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark, and more Kinect Sports.

"It's about creating fun innovative games that can be hugely successful," Duncan replied, when asked about revisiting the games that shaped Rare. "Not necessarily about genre and characters."

"Rare will do what it makes sense for Rare to do. At the moment everyone is focused on Kinect Sports Season 2."

Although Kinect has become Rare's focus, Duncan insisted that the studio's "mojo" is still about innovation. "Kinect is just a new set of tools to innovate with," Duncan said.

Duncan said Rare had used its experience from Kinect Sports to break new ground in Kinect Sports Season 2. For example, golf and baseball are now present - while developing Kinect Sports 1, Rare had trouble getting Kinect to recognise players facing the screen sideways-on.

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