Kinect Sports Season 2


Kinect officially dead

Well bam, there it is.

Microsoft pledges to support Rare

New games will be announced when the time is right.

Rare veteran George Andreas leaves Microsoft for Sony

New creative director at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

Kinect officially dead

Well bam, there it is.

Microsoft pledges to support Rare

New games will be announced when the time is right.

Rare veteran George Andreas leaves Microsoft for Sony

New creative director at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

UK government's cultural test for video games revealed

Tax breaks to depend on local characters, settings, developers.

Rare sticking with Kinect for its new project

More evidence suggests it's for the next Xbox.

Microsoft re-selling Kinect Sports 2 mini-games at £2 a pop

X-Men: Destiny gets Games on Demand version despite sales ban.

Natural speech the next big challenge for Kinect - Rare dev

Praises Mass Effect 3 for "showing Kinect could be used with a controller".

Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection revealed by Xbox videos

Contains sports in Kinect Sports and Season 2.

Rare hiring for "multiple AAA future console releases"

Would prefer action/adventure or FPS experience.

Sega design chief joins Kinect Sports dev Rare

Simon Woodroffe new Rare studio creative director.

Feature | Who Killed Rare?

Did Microsoft ruin Britain's greatest game studio?

Microsoft staffing up two new Kinect studios

Claims it's "ready to change the world again".

The most pirated PC, Wii, 360 games of 2011

Can you guess what it is yet?

Out This Week - 28/10/11

Battlefield 3! Kinect Sports 2! Daytona!

Video | Kinect Sports Season 2 TV trailer

Golf! Darts! Baseball! Tennis!

Rare making 'mature' game for Xbox 720?

Turn 10, Lionhead also at work - report.

Kinect Sports: Season 2 screens

Golf! Tennis! Football! Skiing!

Rare's about being "hugely successful"

"Not necessarily about genre, characters."

Halo, Gears, Forza join Eurogamer Expo

Gunstringer, Dance Central, Kinect Sports.

Video | New Kinect Sports: Season 2 trailer

Baseball gameplay footage shown.

Kinect Sports: Season 2 release date

Kinectimals Bears expansion also lined up.

MS: how you'll talk to AI through Kinect

Life-like, natural conversations coming.

Feature | A Rare view of the future of Kinect

Scott Henson reveals Microsoft's motion-sensing strategy.

Why Kinect Sports is Rare's priority

And first-person shooters aren't.

Rare: the new Xbox "is always now"

"We're down the path" to the holodeck.