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Rare making 'mature' game for Xbox 720?

Turn 10, Lionhead also at work - report.

Rare is prototyping ideas for a new 'mature' game to launch on the next Xbox, fresh speculation suggests.

Fable developer Lionhead and Forza studio Turn 10 are also working on software for Microsoft's next console, according to rumours published in the latest issue of Xbox World magazine (seen by Sillegamer).

Are the rumours to be believed?

Eurogamer has heard from multiple industry sources that Microsoft will unveil its next Xbox at E3 2012, with plans for a Christmas 2013 launch.

That three Microsoft Studios teams should be working with the machine two years from launch makes sense.

But a mature title from Rare would be unexpected. Recent comments from the developer suggested a return to classic genres or characters was not a priority.

"It's about creating fun innovative games that can be hugely successful," Rare boss Craig Duncan told Eurogamer when asked about revisiting the games that shaped Rare. "Not necessarily about genre and characters."

Forza 3 arrived in October 2009. Forza 4 will arrive 10 days from now. A fifth Forza racing game would be timed perfectly to coincide with the launch of a new Xbox platform in late 2013.

As would Fable 4, which is rumoured to be in development for 2013 as well - as a NeXbox launch title? Kinect spin-off Fable: The Journey will bridge the gap between now and then.

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Forza 4 on the Xbox 360.