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Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection revealed by Xbox videos

Contains sports in Kinect Sports and Season 2.

Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection has been revealed by two recently published Xbox videos.

The videos, one a Kinect games showcase, the other an Xbox games showcase, each mention Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection. In the Xbox games video it's referred to as Kinect Sports Ultimate (on the 2 min 38 sec mark), from Microsoft Studios. In the Kinect games video it's Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection (2 min 26 sec).

The Collection video shows tennis and skiing from Season 2, and bowling and volleyball from Kinect Sports.

The Ultimate video shows boxing from Kinect Sports and American Football from Season 2.

We suspect Ultimate Collection is Kinect Sports plus Season 2 plus all of the released downloadable content together in one package.

We've asked Rare for comment.

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