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Microsoft re-selling Kinect Sports 2 mini-games at £2 a pop

X-Men: Destiny gets Games on Demand version despite sales ban.

Microsoft has dug up three mini-games from Kinect Sports: Season Two for sale as individual Xbox Live Arcade titles.

Each will cost 240 Microsoft Points (about £2) and be released on 20th November.

Ski Race, Darts vs. Zombies and 3 Point Contest are all listed under the new Kinect Sports Gems range by Microsoft mouthpiece Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb.

The mini-games were first spotted when their Achievements were leaked to X360A. Each will offer 10 awards worth 5G for a total of 50 Gamerscore.

Other upcoming content also includes a full digital version of X-Men: Destiny, available on 13th November. Silicon Knights, the game's struggling developer, was last week ordered to recall and destroy all unsold copies of the game after losing a legal battle with Epic Games over use of the Unreal Engine.

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