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Kinect Sports in A League of Their Own

Sky and Xbox's first product placement.

Kinect Sports will appear in the pre-title sequence of sports comedy panel show A League of Their Own as part of Sky's first product placement deal.

The Rare-developed Kinect game makes its debut tomorrow, 1st April, when the show airs on Sky 1 HD.

In the sequence the show's celebrities, including presenter James Corden, prepare to go on-air while members of the audience play Kinect Sports in the backstage holding area.

Microsoft already sponsors the series with the Xbox 360.

"Coming hot on the heels of the Xbox sponsorship of Got to Dance 2, this product placement deal with Sky provides yet another highly innovative partnership opportunity," said Xbox UK executive Stephen McGill.

"Kinect Sports is an ideal fit for A League of Their Own, and I'm sure viewers will be interested to see how the game has been integrated into the show."

Product placement is now possible on UK telly after regulator Ofcom relaxed its regulations.

Restrictions remain on what can and can't be shown, but commercial broadcasters are now free to include paid-for references to products and services in their programmes.

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