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Microsoft teases possible Fable Xbox Showcase reveal


It looks like Microsoft and PlayGround Games are getting ready to give us a fresh glimpse at Fable.

A new post on the console's official Twitter account showed an Xbox controller covered in glitter. Curious.

From the controller, a trail, still in glitter, leads along the floor, over the kitchen sink, up the stairs and across a desk all the way up to a monitor displaying the Xbox Games Showcase home screen. While this is all going on, nostalgic music tinkers along in the background.

Fable's announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

In all honesty, as a mother with small children who have been known to be far too enthusiastic with the arts and crafts box, I am very glad I don't have to tidy it all up.

Finally, at the tease's close, the screen proclaims Xbox's upcoming show "seems important". The post then tells us it will see us on 11th June.

While, of course, this could be referring to a different IP, it is hard to imagine this tease is hinting at anything else but Fable.

After all, the game was announced several years ago - back in 2020, Microsoft described its plans for a Fable reboot as "a new beginning" for the fantasy franchise (meanwhile, Eurogamer first heard word of Playground's involvement with a new Fable back in 2018, years before it was made official).

What's more, Fable uses a glitter trail to direct players to their next objective. The music also sounds like Fable.

Surely, we are overdue for some more Fable related news.

Thankfully, we don't have too much longer to wait to find out if this is indeed all about Fable. What do you hope Xbox has up its sleeve?

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