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FIFA 12 RRP is £54.99

Plus, cheaper Ultimate Edition announced.

EA has slapped a hefty £54.99 RRP on the standard edition of FIFA 12, according to high street retailer GAME.

However, the Ultimate Edition, which is exclusive to GAME and Gamestation, will sell for a slightly more reasonable £44.99. Pre-orders are open now.

Details of what exactly the set will include aren't entirely clear, though the product description references Ultimate Team DLC and card packs. We'll update if we can dig up a confirmed feature list.

"The FIFA franchise is always one of the best selling games of the year and we are delighted to offer this exclusive version of FIFA 12 to our customers," commented GAME PR chief Neil Ashurst.

"The FIFA Ultimate Team gold packs are a fantastic resource for any gamer, allowing them to play with the very latest squads, perfectly mimicking real-life. GAME and gamestation are offering football fans the opportunity to change any score for free!"

The "revolutionary not evolutionary" FIFA 12 is due for release across all formats on 30th September.