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Report: EA buying PopCap for $1 billion

Prominent US tech site makes claim.

Electronic Arts is rummaging around down the back of the couch in search of a spare $1 billion to purchase PopCap, according to a report on a US tech news site.

Palo Alto worshippers TechCrunch report that "multiple sources" are pointing to an acquisition and that the wheels are in motion already.

PopCap is a private company and doesn't release sales figures, but Forbes reported recently that it generated $100m in revenue in 2010.

The company's big hits are mostly casual titles with crossover appeal, most notably Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies. The Seattle-based studio is also responsible for Bookworm Adventures, Peggle, Zuma and many others.

We've reached out to both EA and PopCap for comment but neither has provided anything just yet. We'll update this story when we hear back.

Update: EA has declined to comment, and PopCap has also said that it "does not comment on rumours or speculation".

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